Suomen Islamilainen Yhdyskunta


Liittyminen uskonnolliseen yhdyskuntaan (VRK) 12-17 -vuotiaan suostumus uskontokunnasta liittymiseen/ eroamiseen 15-17 -vuotiaan huoltajien suostumus uskonnolliseen yhdyskuntaan liittymiseen/uskonnollisesta yhdyskunnasta eroamiseen Jäsenanomus Yhdyskuntaan liitytään täyttämällä jäsenanomusta ja ylläolevista linkeistä löytyviä sopivia VRK lomakkeita. Täytetyt paperit tulee allekirjoittaa asianmukaisesti ja tuoda yhdyskunnan toimistoon. Kun hallitus tai imaami hyväksyvät anomuksen VRK:n lomake lähetetään maistraattiin.

In the name of Allah; Most Gracious, Most Merciful,
and peace and blessings be upon His noble Messenger
One of the chief consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic was the closure of many mosques and Islamic institutions in adherence to the guidelines set out by most authorities across the EU. This step was also in line with the core values of our religion which prioritises the protection of life. With that said, there was always going to be a negative aspect of such measures, a major one being the affect it has on the sources of funding for all these different institutions which rely mainly on the donations and support of its attendees, and with them not being able to attend their mosques and institutions, their support has waned, leaving most of these organisations in dire economic predicaments.
The importance of mosques and Islamic Institutions for the preservation of faith for Muslims in Europe is obvious to all. They also play a vital role in serving their societies, which was particularly highlighted during this pandemic. It is critical that all efforts are combined and focus in supporting them during these unprecedented times.
Consequently, all the organisations and institutions that have signed this document call on all Muslims to support their local mosques, organisations or institutions, which have always served them in their time of need, through the following means:
− Paying Zakat al-Fitr or a portion of it, after fulfilling the needs of the poor and vulnerable in your country of residence (there are opinions in Fiqh that have allowed this).
− Paying your Zakat or a portion of it (which would be categorised in the Fiqh of Zakat under what is for the sake of Allah).
− Paying charity, especially since we are in the month of charity.
Our duty in these difficult times is to combine all our efforts and stand together in support of our mosques and Islamic institutions to cover the needs that have intensified due to this pandemic, and to sustain the many initiatives that have been carried out by these essential hubs in our societies.
“And cooperate in righteousness and piety.” [Qur’an 5:2]
Allah is our aim and all praise is due to Him.
Brussels, 6th of May 2020, 13th of Ramadan 1441


  • European Council of Imams
  • The European Council for Fatwa & Research
  • Council for European Muslims (formerly known as FIOE)